You're Gonna Want to Put it on Everything


Belgium born Master Chef Vincent Gourmet has lived up to his name & his family's legacy as world renowned Royal Chefs for centuries. Winning multiple Culinary awards and cooking for presidents & celebrities, Chef Gourmet was inspired to bring the gourmet table to anyone's home. He went to task, and for 7 years sought to create the perfect sauce that you can add to any dish and make it spectacular.

As soon as the top is open your nose will be aroused with something like it has never been before - it will crave the scent, seek it. You will be drawn in by the rich tangy truffle scent, with a blend of earth and air and sweetness, you will want to taste it immediately. And once you do, your senses will be overcome with the most delectable truffle taste that is sought all over the world. You will want to put this sauce on everything!

From steak to salad to fish, PERNOIR was created to accompany any meal and make it decadent.


From Meat to Fish.....

From Salad to Pizza.....

....... You Will Want to Put 

PERNOIR on Everything

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